All weather friends are Civil defence

Nishant karpatne

If we coin a saying , Get a penny and give out a pound , then this will prove most relevant and appropriate for the Civil defence volunteers. Be it festival or flood now even pandemic, Civil defence volunteers are always active. Right from the day, workers started to come back to their native places by trains, Civil defence volunteers also began to work hard for their smooth arrival and departure to their different native places. Just after ,came their deployment at hospitals and other strategic points. These volunteers did their best every where with full enthusiasm, energy and discipline. Very recently Civil defence people were involved in educating people in markets and roads on the use of masks, sanitizer and other precautionary measures to prevent spread of Covid 19. While doing the above activities, they actively participated in packing and loading of relief materials at SK memorial Hall. Some of these volunteers moved further ahead and were involved in air drop of these relief stuffs to flood affected people too. This was duly reported by various tv channels also.
We can well understand from above about the deep involvement of CD in all government supported and sponsored social and welfare activities.
Now , the saying ”getting in Penny and giving in pounds” comes true. These committed volunteers get a meagre amount as remuneration for their duties. Seeing the commitment , loyalty and utility of civil defence volunteers, it is reasonable and fully justified to expect that they get paid reasonably as a mark of acknowledgment of their valuable services in times of need. The review of their remuneration is already under consideration of the high government authorities. The early it gets revised, the better it will be for the morale boosting of these fighters. Presently the civil defence volunteers are proving true Corona Yodhha. Patnaites are seeing them all around in capital. Great Guys ! Go ahead


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