Bandhani organized Bihar Craft and Jewelery Design Contest

Sunita with her daughter on ramp

Mothers with their Daughters walked on ramp to proof their duos In the Bihar Kraft design contest at Bihar chamber of commerce , All different dresses started walking in the ramp, they looked quite irresponsible. Based on Bihar Kraft, the ramp shows were divided into four parts. It included saris with plazo, laughing with jeans,

kurta with trousers and gowns. There was also a Sohar on this occasion in which some artists’ teams celebrated the birth of daughter as happiness. In this, Kumar Uday Singh played the role of Shemor, who greatly applauded his performance. Bandhani organized Bihar Craft and Jewelery Design Contest in the Bihar Chamber of Commerce on Sunday. Among those who contested the Contest were HOD Dr. Purnima Shekhar, Kiran Ghai, N Bijaya Lakshmi of AN College Geography Department, retired Principal Shyam Sharma of Patna Art College and Ashok Kumar Sinha, DDO of Upendra Maharati Institute. Jewelery and costume designers also promoted different draws and jewelery items through the block block print craft, along with Madhubani, Tikuli, Swijni etc. Art. Clay’s Jewelery Quilling was made in the Jewelery. There was also a time of question-answer between the programs. Giving a gift to the audience was given a correct answer in this. Apart from this, gifts were also given to all the participants. Sunita Prakash said that its main objective is to make people aware about the craft of Bihar. They also told that the mother who has only daughters, she has participated in the show as a model with her daughter Putiaipet. To give support to the program, he thanked the Department of Industries of Bihar Government.
These are the winnersMeena, Nalini, Sandhya, Roshni and Nina.
Gayatri Verma, Shruti Singh,Richa,  Shobhana Shrivastav, Soni Kumari, Nisha, Kiran Sinha, Rashmi, Neha, Mraganayani, Gitanjali, Sima Sinha, Aniket, Swati Bose, 


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