Bihari artists rock the Red Fort ground

Today on 31.01.2020 on the occasion of “India Today Festival 2020”
Traditional folk dance of Bihar “Baramhasa dance-drama” in Red Fort, New Delhi
Presentation by artists of Swarangan Cultural Welfare Service Committee, Patna
was done. Under this program, the main Teej festivals of Bihar like- Rapanee
Dance, Katni Dance, Kajari, Jhoomar, Janmashtami, Devi Pujan, Ganga Pujan, Chhathgith,
Holi-Dhamar, Chaita-Ghanto, Eastern anthem are presented. As soon as the investigator on stage
The announcement of the program by the team of Bihar was made, the audience there strongly
Welcomed with applause and proclaimed Jai-Bihar, Jai-Bihar
started doing. The Darish galleries were abuzz with the number of Bihari showers. Live there
Local Commissioner 1⁄4 Bihar Government 1⁄2 clapped himself in between the program
Used to live. Brij Bihari Mishra, Anant Kumar Mishra, Arun under the leadership of Dr. Shivji Singh
Raj, Monu Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, Aditya Kumar, Sonal Kumari, Varsha Kumari, Mamta
Artists like Chaudhary, Ishanvi, Manisha Singh, Vibha Sharma etc. participated.


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