Boom in a month of unlockdown from revenue collection to vehicle sales – Deputy Chief Minister

nishant karpatne

 There has been a surge in revenue collection and vehicle sales as soon as the lockdown is unlocked. Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi tweeted that while the state’s total revenue collection from its own sources was only 1,785.33 crore in the two months of lockdown in April and May, it increased to 2,387.09 crore in June. At the same time, the effect of unlockdown is also visible on the sale of vehicles.
While 14,562 vehicles were sold in April and May, after the lockdown was lifted, it increased to 96,302 in June. Sales of goods increased significantly due to the commencement of other business including construction during the unlockdown. In the two months of April and May, where goods worth 13,704 crore came to be sold in Bihar from outside through e-way bill, in June alone it increased to 13,662 crore.
Sales of cement, iron, medicine, vehicles, clothes and electrical equipment etc. have increased mainly. Sushil Modi said that due to the pace of economic activity during unlockdown, in April-May where only 950.11 crore from commercial tax, 1,217.20 crore in June only, 64.78 crore in registration in April-May and 334.48 crore in June, similarly transportation. 91 crore in two months from April to May, 195 crore in June and 113 crore in two months from mining and 89 crore in June only.
Whereas in the last 3 months, Rs 22,227 crore was released from the Center to Bihar. The share in central taxes has been received as grant and compensation. 13,486 crore as share in central taxes, Rs. 4,437.28 crore towards centrally sponsored schemes, Rs. 2,464.50 crore for disaster, urban and rural bodies on the recommendation of 15th Finance Commission and 1,840.15 crore as GST compensation.


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