BSGSMUN was organised in Bishop Scott Girls’ School campus

BSGSMUN was organised in Bishop Scott Girls’ School campus for the session of 2023 under the guidance of the our Principal Mrs Lindsy Dayalkumar. Fifty delegates participated to represent different countries. The programme was a grand success. It was nice to see the students speaking on various issues and deriving at a policy like actual leaders. The school is delighted and acknowledge the presence and support of Ms Saumya Sinha, Alumni. It was successfully conducted due to the Executive Board members, Shreya Sharma( UNGA), Shreshtha Narayan(UNSC), Sanyogita Kumari(G-20), Prachi Singh (VEB of UNGA), Aryasha Tripathi (VEB of UNSC) and Shreya Raj (VEB of G-20) Following were the Committees and Agenda of BSGSMUN 1. United Nations General AssemblyAgenda-Future implications of Technology with special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence Revolution,Cyber Bulling and Social Media The Best Delegate was Vaishali Patel of grade 10 C representing France,

  1. UNSC

Agenda – Sino – India relations including conflicting border situation and need for cooperation at the international forum. The Best Delegate was Sakshi Kumari of grade 10 representing India, 3.G-20 Agenda -Accelerating to achieve the targets set out in 2030 for Sustainable Development.The Best Delegate was Manini Tiwari of 10 B. representing China.The Best EB award was given to Sanyogita Kumari of grade 12 C.The Best Photographer award was given to Arushi Yadav of grade 10A.The Best Reporter award was given to Akshika Sinha of grade 10A The students experienced exhilarating session of debate and discussion. The students learnt how tocome to a consensus and recommend a solution for the agenda Most importantly the students Learnt the finer nuances of conducting meaningful research and oratory skills