Clamping Lock down seems a failed exercise in Capital Patna

from the desk of executive editor/Nishant karpatne

On the 2nd day of Lockdown, Capital Patna appeared as usual and almost normal. Anyone who has seen Patnaites life today around afternoon in important capital areas will feel as if it was no lockdown here. On a visit to income tax round about for a ground report, it was amazing to find that life seemed quite normal. Policemen were on picket but traffic flow was very much in picture. Autoricshaws, erickshaw , paddle rickshaw or say even bus were seen plying. Some autos were packed to full capacity with passengers. Not even an iota of social distancing was visible. Private four wheelers and two wheelers were also running as if it is a normal day in Patna. Some pedestrians were without face cover or masks too. When,such a prime location of the city was presenting a state of total negligence, then the situation in other mohallas and localities of Patna can be well imagined. In lockdown 1 , it was all deserted with life at standstill in Patna although at that time, the no of Covid cases were very few. Now Covid cases are multiplying in capital areas on every passing day. But it is very sad and disheartening to find that people have become foolishly fearless and knowingly, unknowingly spreading Corona threat in Bihar due to their carelessness. Adding to the woes are the attitude of Govt machinery who have been entrusted with the task to ensure a genuine lockdown. Near income tax golambar, are high profile government officials and nearby only is the police station but it can be told on the basis of the ground reality check that no one seemed to be taking cognizance of the pathetic situation and things are left in the hands of fate and luck. Many pockets here in capital Area are thickly populated, the condition of sewerage system there is also not up to mark. In most of the mohallas of Patna, awareness and self care among common people are also very low. In backdrop of this fact, Covid can cause a hell of situation here in Patna. After passage of three months and half with lock and unlock, people still are living in ignorance. Where will it lead to? Wake up all, Wake up Government officials . Please ensure implementation of real lockdown in Patna and other towns of Bihar. Patna is becoming epicenter of Covid explosion . A very serious , no nonsense attitude of administration is demand of the time. Any negligence further will doom the lives in Bihar. Hopefully, we all Patnaites will wake up and cope up.


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