Covid 19 seems to be a real menace to health in Bihar !

from the desk of executive editor

Nishant karpatne

The all India Covid infected cases are rising alarmingly leaving everyone dumb. Despite early lock down, Covid cases didn’t drop in numbers and still it is on rise.
It raises a pertinent and relevant question whether our lock down was really done timely and adequate precautions for prevention were taken by public. In Bihar, situation seems to be very grim. Presently, it is unlock phase but on the basis of the assessment of ground realities, it can be said with evidences that public even in capital city of Bihar ,by and large are not at all taking any preventive measures and have almost thrown all precautions to winds.

Let’s have a look on public conveyance and transport in capital area. All auto rickshaw, Erikshaw and other public vehicles are carrying passengers overloaded. Face masks are also used by very few people. In bazars, people are rubbing their shoulders with each other. Social distancing is almost forgotten by people in Bihar.
The reported number of Covid cases in Bihar is swelling day by day but the fear of Covid is decreasing in public with higher pace.
This pandemic is virtually on door step in almost all mohallas of Patna.
Higher is the threat but very low is now the fear which is posing a big danger of community transmission of Covid 19 in Patna.
A complete lock down for another day 15 days seems to be need of hour. Let’s hope that all political parties will rise above self interests and save Bihar from Covid 19 by developing a common consensus and strategy to fight pandemic.


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