Department of Political Science, Patna Women’s College marked 74th Constitution Day of India

To mark the 74th Constitution Day of India, Department of Political Science,
Patna Women’s College, Patna organised a pledge taking ceremony in which
students reaffirmed their faith in the values of the Preamble of the Indian
Students were first welcomed by Dr. Sister M Rashmi A.C. who explained to
the students that Constitution of India in itself is a holy book cutting across
religions and every Indian must abide by the values enshrined in it.
Mr. Adweetiya Sinha, Assistant Professor Department of Political Science,
administered the oath to the students by reading out the Preamble. The
students of BA Semester VI and Semester I along with student of MA Semester
I from Department of Political Science, Department of History, Department of
Sociology and Department of Economics attended the program and in unison
repeated the Preamble.
Finally, Dr. Vineeta Priyadarshi, Head of the Department, Department of
Political Science, explained to the students the values enshrined in the
Preamble and in the Constitution along with the significance of Constitution.
The faculties of various departments also took the pledge along with students.