DIG, Garima Mallick congratulated the new SSP and said that the Patna Police has found a better leader

On Saturday, Patna SSP Upendra Sharma honored the DIG, Garima Mallick, by giving a bouquet at the honor ceremony held at the Police Line in Patna. SSP Garima Mallick was given the Guard of Honor in the police line after which Mallik was given farewell.  
Patna Police is the forehead of Bihar. The bullet should not be hurt even in this forehead. Patna Police is looked after by the police of all the districts. Preferred police officers succeed. There are about 90 thousand police and 10 thousand police officers in Bihar. SSP Upendra Sharma said the above things  in the police line. Bihar Police Mens Association, Patna Branch on Saturday organized a function in the police line to welcome new SSP Upendra and farewell to Garima Malik, who has been promoted from Patna SSP.

  SSP said that all institutions can be private but police is the only institution that can never be privatized. He said that there is no best job from the police but there is no harder job than this. We all came to the police job from Choice. Referring to the rebellion in the police line in 2018, he said that it should not have happened. Told the police personnel that without you we cannot do anything. Referring to the success of Dhoni, the former captain of Team India said that success is not achieved by Dhoni alone but because of all the players of Team India. After felicitating the DIG, the former Patna SSP Garima Malik , now ssp Upendra sharma said  that this is the second time when I am taking charge of SSP from him. Earlier, the charge of SSP of Darbhanga was taken from Madam itself.
Uniform need to be vigilant, police and officers work ahead of us – DIG
Garima Malik, , said that in a period of one year I got support from all policemen and officers. Police and officers worked ahead of us. He said that whatever success you got as SSP is yours and the failure is mine. The dignity said that the uniform should have gurur. Ask those who have not worn the uniform, what is the significance of the uniform. When you will not wear uniform, you will also be fond of wearing this uniform. she congratulated the new SSP and said that the Patna Police has found a better leader. You guys should keep the status of Patna Police high.
Madam played the role of Guardian – City SP
City SP Central Vinay Tiwari said that Garima Madam played the role of Patna Police like a Guardian. Got a chance to work with him for the last six months. Learn a lot from them. In each program, Madam used to make detailed programs. Who knew where to deploy. She knew which police officer to take responsibility after the incident. She was always behind the work. On the other hand, DSP of Police Line Ashish Kumar said that dignity madam did a lot for the welfare of Patna Police. Like a doctor, she used to give dosages to police personnel and officers and then ask if the drug had any effect. Earlier, Sandeep Kumar of Bihar Police Mens Association, Patna branch said that it is sad to see the dignity farewell to Madam, but the joy is there for the new SSP are also better police officers. On this occasion, apart from Sandeep, policemen posted in various branches of the police line gave memento, bouquet etc. to the new and former SSP. On this occasion, City SP Jitendra Kumar, SP West Ashok Mishra, Traffic SP Amarkesh D, Rural SP KK Mishra, besides hundreds of police personnel and officers were present. While Raksha Darpan Suman performed the farewell anthem for dignity, Upendra presented the welcome anthem. The forum was conducted by Ashish Kumar


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