Freshers’ Day for the new students of Department of Mass Communication at Patna Women’s College

“Patna: On 27th July 2023, a Freshers’ Day was celebrated for the new students of the first year in the Department of Mass Communication at Patna Women’s College. The students from the third and fifth semesters presented a colorful program to welcome the new batch. The postgraduate diploma students presented a welcome song. Other participating groups performed Bollywood dialogues and song parodies along with dance performances.

To showcase the unity and diversity of India, the students presented songs and dances representing various states in all four directions. The event was graced by invited guests, Ms. Samiksha Sinha, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology, and Dr. Sumit Ranjan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology, both from Patna Women’s College.

Dr. Sumit praised the captivating performances of the students and advised them to remain vigilant and conscious of their development while upholding the dignity and values of the college. Samiksha Sinha lauded the enthusiasm and spirit of the students, mentioning that the college has always been committed to the holistic development of its students, and the Freshers’ Day program is an initiative to uncover the hidden talents within them.

During the event, Roma, the Head of the Department of Mass Communication, along with departmental professors Ajay Jha, Prashant Ravi, Divya Gautam, Ankita, Aparajita Pathak, and Gaurav Aranya were present.”


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