Guest Lecture on “Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Analytics” by Dr. Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider

On, 23rd January, 2023, The Department of Computer Applications (MCA) organised a Guest Lecture on
“Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Analytics”. Dr. Bhawna Sinha, HOD, Department of Computer
Applications (MCA) welcomed the resource person Dr. Md. Tanwir Uddin Haider, Associate Professor, from NIT
Patna. She also introduced the theme of the guest lecture to the students and threw light on its importance in the
current scenario.
Dr. Haider is an expert in the areas of Knowledge-Based Systems, Software Engineering, Databases, E-Learning
Systems and Semantic Web. He started his lecture in an interactive manner by asking the students to state the
difference between Human and Machine.
In his lecture, Dr. Haider discussed the points such as Learning and types of learning, Supervised and
Unsupervised learning with their components, Application areas of Machine Learning, Popular machine learning
software tools.

The students learned about different aspects of machine learning and also learned new terminologies regarding
Machine Learning. They took part in the interactive session with full enthusiasm and energy to know everything
about Machine Learning.
All the faculty members of the department attended the lecture. Ms. Pratima Kumari, Assistant Professor, proposed
the vote of thanks.