Haste makes Waste and Hurry makes Worry …

from the desk of executive editor/Nishant karpatne

The time tested old wisdom still holds great value and relevance. If we look at scenario in Bihar and draw lessons and conclusions then we deeply realize as to why the elders of bygone eras had advised not to make hurry. Today the entire Bihar is shocked to hear the news that a bridge at Gopalganj collapsed just within a month of its inauguration. Firstly it took nearly eight years to complete and lastly when it was completed , the sayings are doing round in public that the last phase of bridge construction was done in hurry without paying due attention to the aspects which were necessary for the strength of the bridge. Luckily the collapse didn’t take toll of human lives. It is now evident that seeing state election close, Government seems to be in hurry to complete pending projects. Prime facia , it is a good approach but doing the same in hurry for the political gains in election can boomerang too. This is exactly what happened in case of Gopalganj bridge.
Similar is the situation in handling of Covid pandemic at Patna. With elections in mind, all political parties have begun to ignore the Covid threat. All political parties were seen to be giving damn to the precautions and social distancing in their meetings. Now, the news are pouring in that a large no of political leaders have fallen victim of Covid infection.
In the same manner naturally, for conduction of state election, the machinery is also to be geared up. EVM training and training of officials for the smooth execution of election are being reported. But during these trainings , officials are also getting Covid infected.
The Covid kit waste management is also being done reportedly in casual and negligent manner at Patna. Very recently, in Digha bridge locality which connects with Bailey road, the Covid used kits , cover and masks were found thrown in open.
Let’s all wake up to the medical emergency situations in Bihar which has arisen due to Covid.
Let’s remember a well known fact that life is precious and for the protection of human lives , every other thing can wait. Even state election can wait as per constitutional provisions. Now it is high time that
Bihar wants freedom from Covid threat. Bihar wants freedom from lockdown.
Patnaites once again want to have a life with freedom.
We can make State election wait and delay or simply stop political activities too.
Let’s go slow, safe and perfect. Hopefully Government is hearing.


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