‘Health for All’ NIOS had launched the project of Training and certification


‘Health for All’ is one of our National Goals. Even after many years of
more than two thirds of Indian population lives in rural areas
and has no access to proper health care facilities. Due to increasing
population, poverty, lack of education and lack of proper medical facilities’ it
was considered important to improve the competency and professional
credibility of the health workers in the rural areas to ensure quality of good
health services. Keeping fonrvard the objective of providing effective, efficient
and accessible healthcare to the rural masses in mind, NIOS had launched
the project of Training and certification of such untrained community Health
Workers in Bihar in the year 2015. To achieve the objective of Certification,
National Institute of open schooling (Nlos) and state Health society, Govt.
of Bihar signed a MoU to train approximately four lakhs of untrained
community Health workers. A total number of 15139 of such community
Health workers have been certified in the first batch’
The programme of community Health workers (Batch 2) shall commence
from 21st December, 2019. A total number of 29,529learners have already
registered for this course; out of which 29’504learners paid the fees
and the admission of 29,20O learners has been confirmed’


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