Khakee appeared in the role of General Dyer in Katihar.

Jan adhikar party president Pappu yadav consoling relatives of the deceased who died in police firing on agitating people over electricty crisis in Barsoi in Katihar district of Bihar state.

Jan adhikar party president Pappu yadav visited katihar and explined that Yesterday, on 26th July, Khakee appeared in the role of General Dyer in Katihar. The incident that happened by the police in Barsoi of Katihar district regarding the demand of electricity is unfortunate. It is a flood prone area, where power supply remains disrupted. There is arbitrariness of the officials of the electricity department. One, the smart meter has become a recovery meter for the people of Bihar. Today pappu yadav met the relatives of the deceased and helped 20 thousand each and 10,000 to the relatives of the injured.
There people told that the only demand of the agitating people was that the office bearers should come and meet them. But where is this possible in officer rule. Eyewitnesses to the incident told that the police started firing as soon as they arrived. While the police often bring tear gas and water cannon to end the movement. But here the police put all the rules on hold and shot him above the waist. Moreover, those who were not in the movement were also targeted. This is even the excess of Jallianwala Bagh.
The culmination of the insensitivity of the DM of the district is visible from this. Regarding this incident, the DM said in the night that action will be taken after identifying the one who provoked. Not that they would have investigated the matter! The person who ordered the firing should be prosecuted under section 302. The arbitrariness of the office bearers is always on the general public. Pappu yadav said that I think some things have also been suppressed in this matter. That’s why the government had to suspend the office bearers in this matter. The role of SDO is also questionable. The SDO was being repeatedly asked for talks. If the SDO had held talks, this incident would not have happened


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