Law enforcing people under severe threats of Covid in Patna. A sad reality check

From the desk of executive editor/Nishant karpatne

The Covid infection is now severely threatening the government employees, agency and the volunteers who have been pressed into services to ensure that the rules during lockdown are followed by the citizenry of Patna.
Every day the number of Covid patients is growing at a alarming pace. Now, the victims are the people who have been entrusted with the tasks of ensuring that masks, face covers and social distancing are practised by Patnaites.
In this week itself, a team member of police force deputed at Boring rd Chowraha is reported as Covid positive. He was hail and hearty and was deeply involved in the necessary actions required for maintainence of lockdown. Since he has fallen sick with Covid, the fear is now into other team members of force who have come close to him during duty hours.
Presently, the direction of the Government is to check vehicles and stop people for necessary check if required. This process itself makes the them come closer to public about whose health, no body knows. Besides Police, in the team are Civil defence Patna volunteers who have also been deputed by government to work in close coordination with Police Department. Recently, Patna Nagar Nigam also launched a drive to ensure that masks are used by Patnaites and in case of violation,a penalty of Rs 50 is also to be imposed on erring Patnaites.
In this drive too, the Nagar nigam people are also coming in contact with Covid threats.
In wake of above emerging situation in Patna, government must think and develop on mechanism which sees that the people who are doing duties for compliance of lockdown at Patna remain safe.
At all such check points, Santizers, disinfectant liquid must be made available for use of law enforcement people. Their health should also be periodically checked by doctors. They all should be given face covers, masks and hand gloves. Besides this, medical insurance and cover should be extended during lockdown and duty hours to Civil defence volunteers also so that their morale remains high and they also remain protected .
Patnaites now dream to see a safe , free and vibrant Patna again. This is possible only with wisdom and cooperation of all.


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