Lecture on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. Agrawal.


Prof.P K Agrawal
Delivering the lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

On 4 th Sept. 2019 a Guest Lecture on Artificial Intelligence : Our future
friend was organized jointly by Patliputra University, P.G. Department
of Commerce and B.D. College, P.G. Department of Commerce at
Seminar hall, B.D. College, Patna. Presentation was given by Professor
(Dr.) P. K. Agrawal, Prof. of Commerce & Ex-Head (Retired), Post
Graduate Department of Commerce B.D. College, Patna on P.P.T.
Delivering the lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Prof. Agrawal
highlighted the benefits of AI in coming days and also focused on the
utility and application of AI in almost all sectors of the economy such as
business, industries, education, health, agriculture, banking and finance,
defence etc. in near future.

Prof. Agrawal said that the basic idea behind applying the AI techniques
is to upgrade our system and capacity through machine learning and
robotic functioning which will intelligently behave like a human being.
He further emphasized that in coming years, high skilled and semi-
skilled computer personnel will be required in heavy numbers to handle
these things.
Programme was attended by prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Kumar, Principal, B.D.
College, Prof. (Dr.) M. P.Singh, Head and Dean, University Department
of Commerce, Patliputra University, Prof. (Dr.) L.B. Gupta, Head, P.G.
Department of Commerce, B.D. College, Patna. All teachers of P.G.
Department of Commerce, Physics Department, Chemistry Department,
Mathematics Department, Management were present on this occasion. A
large number of students of Post Graduate and under graduate,
Commerce, Science, BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA were also present and
patiently heard the lecture delivered by Prof. Agrawal.


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