Location Prime ,SK memorial Hall – Covid Threat Awareness and Precautions almost at zero.

Nishant karpatne

Today on 25 th July, the scenario at SK memorial around 11 am appeared fearsome with social distancing and precautions licking dustbin. The occasion seemed to be of relief materials packing and despatch to destinations. Pressed into the service were government employees with volunteers of civil defence Patna. At the main entrance are security guards who hardly bothered who come in or whether the necessary precautionary measures of masks, handgloves etc are with these entrants. Upstairs the SK memorial are some people at entrance but there also was not seen any check. On the broad walk way around upstairs SK memorial were visible many people probably government employees and relief materials in abundance all around. Civil defence volunteers were pressed into service for handling materials and other types of cooperation to government agencies. But sadly, the social distancing was totally thrown to winds. People were sitting very close by, as if Covid threat is no more. Well, CD volunteers were excited and doing things energetically. But the question arises, when in the heart of capital Patna, such carelessness regarding Covid threat is openly seen , then the situation and conditions in wake of Covid threat at other places of state can be well visualized.
The other sad aspects of the entire operation are that CD volunteers are working hard without medical covers and market competitive remuneration or emoluments. Patnaites always get due support and cooperation from CD volunteers in all difficult and tough situations. CD volunteers are seen deputed during festivals, major events, flood and presently for prevention of Covid too.
Patnaites look up to CD volunteers for valuable social services but they are a deprived lot. Hopefully government is listening and high ups will take care of these dedicated needy CD volunteers. Patnaites know the value and role of Civil defence, government also has high expectations from them. Let these CD volunteers also have some expectations regarding monetary benefits and medical cover from government


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