Lockdown increases financial crisis, owner of troubled jewelry shop commits suicide

Nishant karpatne

nishant karpatne
The lockdown created such situations financially that the owner of a jewelry shop in Patna ended his life. He hanged himself from the gallows. The matter is related to Bajaja Gali in Bakarganj, Patna. Ramanand Prasad, 57, lived with his entire family in a house in Bajaja Gali.
He had a room on the first floor of the house. In his room, Ramanand Prasad made a hanging noose in the iron hook on the wall and swung from it. Family members came to know about this when on Thursday morning, son Ashutosh Kumar went to his room with tea. Seeing the view inside, the son’s senses flew away. He informed the whole family. Family members jointly took out Ramanand Prasad from the trap. Reached PMCH without delay. Where doctors confirmed his death.
Information about the case was given to the police of Pirbhor police station. The police team investigated him. Deadbody was then sent for postmortem. According to the statement made by son Ashutosh in front of TOP in-charge Amit Kumar, according to his father’s art jewelery jewelers shop in Bhikhana hill area of ​​Patna.
The shop continued to remain under lockdown. Due to this financial crisis took place. Because of this, father was completely upset. He started living depressed. The last week and a half, he kept himself isolated at home. But suddenly he took such a step, about which the family members had never even thought. .


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