Lockdown Returns , Responsible Who ?

From the desk of executive editor//Nishant karpatne

State capital Patna and other towns like Munger, Khagadiya Bhagalpur, Purnea and some other major towns as well in Bihar are once again into lockdown. In last three months and half , game of lock and unlock is in play. A lot of pep talk, awareness program and media coverage were seen during this Lock – Unlock phase. But the question arises whether really we learnt any lesson during this strenuous phase of Covid threat?
The real truthful answer will be a big No. From the very beginning of lockdown, people in most places of the state took the Covid threat lightly. Even the people involved in administration and health were seen non serious. Lock down was taken as an administrative measure thrust upon public. Very few understood and realized that negligence or carelessness towards Covid threat will have dangerous repercussions for public safety and health. Further , with the talk of state election and gearing up of activities of political parties, the precautions and protective measures are virtually thrown into dustbin. In last two days, the scenes in a national party headquarters at Patna were horrible. On arrival of a newly elected MP and state In charge, the leaders and party workers jostled and rubbed with one another to reach out to the leader. A chaotic situation and disorder were witnessed with none caring for social distancing and masks. The leader himself was helpless before surging crowd of workers. The scenes in the meeting of other major parties were same. The masks and social distancing were only for namesake. It can be told with ample evidences that the carelessness on part of public has led to spread of Corona virtually every where. Now we again have brought in Lockdown. But again the pertinent question arises whether this time too, we would learn and change our ways of living or just go the way we went earlier.
Life is precious. Every other thing can wait. In backdrop of rising threat and alarming Covid threat, it is need of hour that all political activities are brought to halt and violation of social distancing be taken by law enforcing agencies as serious offence. Any further negligence will aggravate the already dangerous Covid situation to the point of no return. Let’s hope that wisdom will prevail upon all in Bihar.


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