Lockdown’s Positive effects – Innovation and humanism in education gaining strength ! ADHYAN shows Patnaites the way….

from the desk of executive editor/Nishant karpatne

It seems a full truth that distress and crisis lead to innovation and reinventing of self. In wake of Covid crisis, Education is also reinventing, adopting new approaches and ways to reach students. It is especially so when involved in the mission are true educationists humanists and philanthropists. As a matter of fact, in present situation, it’s need of hour. With school, colleges and educational institutions at Patna closed, the crisis in learning has deepened. At the same time, some educationists and eminent social workers have taken up this crisis as challenge and are trying to reach education with values to common students.

Mrs Mamta Mehrotra an eminent educationist and philanthropist is the one, who is mobilising resources on her own and making study materials, doubts clearing classes and questions Banks available to needy Patnaite students of CBSE, ICSE and medical entrance exam under the name ADHYAN.
Patnaites have seen over the years how the cost of education has been scaling up year after year. Among the masses, a large section is unable to afford quality education just because of rising cost. Adding to the woes further, Covid crisis has caused unemployment and underpayment to a large number of lower middle class working people who used to pay for quality education of their children. Now with a big dip in the income of these lower middle class, Patnaites are seeing virtually a learning crisis in capital city.Here the endeavors of institutions like ADHYAN are on rescue mode and mission.
Of late , we have been observing consumerism and commercialization in all aspects of life in Patna. Over the years, life of Patnaites is becoming more and more market oriented. In such situation, educationists with respect for age old Guru Shishya Parampara raise hope and expectations of common people that still humanism in Patna is live and vibrant. Hopefully, the efforts of ADHYAN and similar other such educational institutions will help Patnaites.


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