(MCA) organized a Seven-day Boot Camp
on “Drone and Allied Technologies”

The Department of Computer Applications (MCA) organized a Seven-day Boot Camp
on “Drone and Allied Technologies” from 31st July, 2023 to 7th August, 2023 in
collaboration with C-DAC Patna, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,
Govt. of India.
C-DAC Patna, in collaboration with 29 eminent Academic and R&D Institutes, has
collaborated on Capacity Building in Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone and Related
Technologies) across 06 Work Themes of Drone Technology with the goal of leveraging
collaborative activities in human resource development through capacity building in
education and training in the area of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and to enhance the
capacity & capabilities.
The Inaugural Programme of the Boot Camp was organized on 31 st July, 2023 at 10:00 am
in the Carmel Hall, Patna Women’s College. Esteemed dignitaries Mr. Aditya Kumar Sinha,
Director, C-DAC, Patna and Mr. Ritesh R. Dhote, Joint Director, C-DAC Patna, Shri Saket
Kumar Jha, Principal Technical Officer and Shri Pradeep Nandan, Project Engineer, C-DAC
Patna graced the occasion. The session was attended by Dr. Bhawna Sinha, Head,
Department of Patna Women’s College, Mr. Alok John, Dean – National & International
Collaboration and all the faculty members of Computer Applications (MCA). The C-DAC
Director have an interaction with Dr. Sister M. Rashmi, A. C., Principal, Patna Women’s
College and acknowledge the collaborative work with the college in future.
The Inaugural Programme started with a Prayer song followed by Lighting of Lamp. Dr.
Bhawna Sinha gave a warm welcome address to the esteemed guests and stressed on the
importance of the theme of the Boot camp. Mr. Aditya Kumar Sinha, Director, C-DAC Patna,
gave an introduction of the seven-days Boot Camp and encouraged the students to get
maximum benefitted from the training programme.
Mr. Ritesh R. Dhote, Joint Director, C-DAC Patna, addressed the gathering and presented an
overview of the Boot Camp and motivated the students to explore diverse applications of

Drones and allied technologies across industries. He invited the students to be part of the
CDAC family.
Mr. Alok John shared his views about the Boot Camp and offered a proposal for an MoU to
be signed between Patna Women’s College (Autonomous) and CDAC Patna for more such
collaborative work in future.
Ms. Sushmita Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications
(MCA), proposed the vote of thanks. The session was moderated by Ms. Poonam Abraham
Lakra, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications (MCA). The Seven-day
Boot Camp organized for the MCA Student under the guidance of Strongest Pillar of the
college Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C., Principal, Patna Women’s College for their skill
Day 1:
Technical Session-I
The topic of Technical Session-I was “Flight and basic principles of flight”. The resource
persons for this session were Mr. Ritesh R. Dhote, Joint Director and Mr. Saket Kumar Jha,
Principal Technical Officer, C-DAC Patna. Various applications of drones in different fields
were discussed.
Technical Session II & III
The topic of Technical Session II & III were “Principles of Aerodynamics” and “Types of
flight, Flight controls and Stability”. Both the sessions were taken by Mr. Saket Kumar Jha.
Mr. Jha discussed about Newton’s Law of motion and Bernoulli’s principle which further
helps the aeroplanes to fly. He also elaborated about types of Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics
drags and angle of attack.