Nature’s Corner Competition by SRISHTI (Student Environment club) of Patna Women’s College

SRISHTI (Student Environment club) of Patna Women’s College introduced Nature’s Corner Competition for all the departments on 20.07.2023 to promote a healthier and happier learning environment and to create eco-concious classrooms. The competition was aimed towards creating a Green Creative Corner with plants and bio-degradable products for the decoration. Zero-use of Plastic was kept mandatory for all related activities. All the students of all the semesters enthusistically participated in the competition making it an enoromous success. All the departments were graded on the above mentioned criteria by the respected Jury members and were honoured with positions of Evergreen (A+) ; Deciduous (A) ; and Grassland (B+). Monthly monitoring will be done on every third week. The entire event was coordinated by Ms. Meenakshi Mishra, Coordinator,Srishti Club and Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and the coordinating Department was Geography. The entire event was organised under the guidance of Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C., Principal, Patna Women’s College.


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