Nift Students gave their best at the closing of the three-day ‘Spectrum and Craft-Bazaar-2020’ at NIFT

Nift Students gave their best at the closing of the three-day ‘Spectrum and Craft-Bazaar-2020’ at NIFT. On the last day on Sunday, the NIFT campus was flooded with programs throughout the day. The highlight of the event was the classical evening and fashion walk, in which the students presented the art of Bihar in different designs on dressage.  Products in the craft market were also included. More than one dress was displayed by the students walking the ramp.

The audience present boosted morale of participants by hooting. At the same time,

 in classical evening, Pandit Ronu Majumdar unleashed his flute, the audience of the audience was shocked. Listeners to the tune of Bhajan Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram…, instead of Pandit Ronu Majumdar

of the Maihar Gharana, also kept on singing. After this, he performed the raga Yemen and Raga Bhairavi. People enjoyed it in the late evening program. The winners were awarded at the end of the program.
Face painting and poster Macing gave message-
Earlier in the day, there was a musical drama in the program, in which students acted on the theme of cybercrime, foreign products. This was followed by Ed Mad, in which the youth was given the theme on the spot and they had to act on that theme. Everyone dressed differently and performed well on their character. Face painting in face painting and Parallel Universe theme. In the ongoing event, students made dozens of posters on the theme ‘Social Media Stocking You’ in poster making. Message was also given by writing various quotations in it. This was followed by a flash in the flash meme making on the spot theme. Apart from this, sports also happened in the program.


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