Nitish Kumar always advocated for justice for minorities -Ashok Chaudhary,

“Mr. Ashok Chaudhary, Honorable Minister, Department of Building Construction, Bihar, Patna, said that respected leader Nitish Kumar talks to everyone, emphasizes on uniting people, and strives to build a developed Bihar of the 21st century. Throughout his 18-year tenure, he has always advocated for justice for minorities and amplified their voices. He has formulated and implemented schemes and budgets to empower socially, economically, and politically the minority communities.

Mr. Chaudhary stated that the synergy between the thoughts, words, and actions of the honorable leader is remarkable, which has resulted in making the minorities strong and empowered during his 18-year term. He has increased the budgetary allocation for the Department of Minority Welfare from a mere 3.53 crores in the fiscal year 2004-05 to around 700 crores in the year 2022-23.

Mr. Chaudhary further mentioned that the British, who ruled us for many years, tried to divide us based on religion when they felt that the Indians would no longer follow them. But this nation belongs to Mahatma Gandhi, Baba Saheb, and Maulana Azad, who sacrificed themselves for the Ganga-Yamuna culture and communal harmony of this country. Today, after so many years of independence, there is a political party that still wants to rule by sowing seeds of discord between our Hindu and Muslim brothers in the name of religion and caste.

He also appreciated the efforts of MLA Khalid Anwar in starting initiatives like Caravane-Ittehad and Brotherhood Summits, which have been highly commendable. He urged everyone to carry forward the mission of brotherhood among people of all religions and communities and inspire them to maintain social harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

Mr. Chaudhary expressed the desire that the people of this state remain protected, secure, and work together for development. He appealed to everyone to strengthen the hands of Nitish Kumar and contribute to the construction of Bihar in the 21st century.

On this occasion, the Honorable Minister of Minority Welfare, Mr. Zama Khan, MLA Khalid Anwar, JDU District President Ms. Manju Devi, Harinout Assembly Constituency In-charge Bhai Parmal Raj, Manjar Imam Saheb, Kadri Saheb, RJD leader Janab Chandi Khan, former Mukhiya Khanab Saheb, Janab Guddu Mansoori, JDU Block President Bhai Jitendra Patel, Bhai Subodh Patel, and all the companions were present.”


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