NSS Special Camp, Patna Women’s College

21st January 2023, was the 5th day of NSS Special Camp, Patna Women’s College. 50 students of
NSS have taken part. In the morning there was a Zumba Session. Zumba is a fitness program that
involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance. Nibha from Bluemoon Fitness Classes was the trainer for
the session. The volunteers performed and learnt many steps. Later, the trainer talked about mental
health and it’s important in our life.
After the Zumba Session, the volunteers visited Slum Area along with Program Officers Dr. Shahla
Rehana and Dr. Amrita. There the volunteers performed skits on the theme “Government Schemes
for Women and Children” and “Mental Health Awareness for Women”. Few volunteers also
narrated some stories and delivered a meaningful lesson to the children of the slum. And then the
volunteers sang a song for the children. Few students talked to their parents. Program Officers Dr.
Shahla Rehana and Dr Amrita talked to the people and encouraged them to educate their child. At
the end, the NSS members distributed chocolates to the children and washing powder and Soap to
the women. They also distributed pamplets in the slum to aware them regarding HIV/AIDS.
At the end of the day, there was a feedback Session.


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