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The e stage of Bapu auditorium was bright on Thursday with colorful lights and art. The artists of North-East not only got exposed to their talent, but made a colorful evening memorable by leaving a different mark with their art. On each of their performances, the Patnaites welcomed and encouraged them in a great way. The program was a three-day program from the Eastern Region Cultural Center, Kolkata and the Arts-Culture and Youth Department.
Consider the old culture and disciplines of Bihar – Governor Fagu Chauhan
The program was inaugurated by Bihar Governor Fagu Chauhan in a traditional manner.

The Governor appreciated the event and said that such events deepen the social and cultural ties between the two states. He thanked the artists of North-East. People are very happy to see such interest in art. Artists reveal their sense of mind through various arts. The culture of India has been multicolored.. He appealed to the department to consider the old culture and traditions of Bihar. Apart from this, he appealed to give a platform to the artists of the village. At the same time Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi appreciated the event and said that through Roshni Cultural Festival, a culture of unity in diversity of India will be articulated. He said that the culture of the north-eastern states connected by the international borders contained the characteristics of various tribal cultures of India. In the end, Pramod Kumar, Minister of Art-Culture and Youth Department said that the function ‘Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat’, is realizing the vision of the Prime Minister. Ravi Manubhai Parmar, Principal Secretary, Youth Department, Gauri Basu, Director of East Zone Center, Additional Secretary Deepak Anand, Deputy Director of East Zone Cultural Center, Kolkata, Tapas Samantre were present on the occasion.
Women demonstrated their power through dancing with swords
The program started in a very beautiful way. Artists from eight states played different tunes with their instrumental songs. Everyone played the tunes in turn, then they all captured the mood with Fusion Instrumental Song simultaneously. The artists of Assam then started with a Kushan dance, in which they sang and acted on the themes of the Ramayana. Then there was the Maste-ha dance in Meghalaya, which performed a spectacular dance with different foot steps on the music with sword in hand. This dance is performed in honor of the ancestors. In this dance, especially women fight to save self-respect.
Naga lady is doing great dance
Then the performers from Tripura performed Mamita Dance, in which women dance in a harvest harvest to celebrate the new harvest. Artists from Arunachal Pradesh performed Ju-Ju, Ja-Ja dance. In this, he danced a prayer in the welcome of the Lord and made a brilliant spectacle. Artists from Assam danced Bordoi Shikla, in which they portrayed the plight of a girl’s life with a traditional instrument. Fourteen Naga Lady Dancers of Nagaland made the moment memorable with their dance. The artists of Mizoram made six patterns on the bamboo sticks and six girls danced on this stick pattern. The art lovers sitting in the hall on his magnificent performance encouraged in a banged up manner. At the end all the actors danced up and down the stage together. Their beauty was worth seeing.
Artists use traditional things during performance

During the dance, everyone’s eye was kept on the costumes of the artists. Artists from eight states matched traditional jewelery with different costumes in a single presentation. Along with dressage like red-yellow, green-blue dokhona, jimagara, peacock feathers, sicake, skirting, were attracted by big ghungroos. The choreography of the dance was done in a great way. During the performance, the artists used the bamboo stick as an instrumental. Apart from this, the stage was beautifully decorated with seven decorations, in which a glimpse of North-East can be seen.
North-East artist shows fusion of western and traditional at fashion show
In the program that lasted almost three hours, the models showed their beauty in black dress. Some wore a one piece and some gowns. Models of North-East fashion were seen connecting Bihar’s soil. Everyone enjoyed this fashion show. In addition to Western dressage at the fashion show, the models also introduced traditional dressage. In the end the fusion of the two was worth watching. Models mix up these two and walk the ramp.
Products from eight states shown in Bapu auditorium complex
Many items, such as handicraft items, bamboo bags, purses, home decor items, as well as pickle picks, were placed in outdoor stalls, bringing people from the North-East. Around 25 stalls were set up in it, which also made people shop. Woolen clothing was especially liked by the people there


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