Patna Women’s College organized a vibrant Three-Day Fresher’s Day

Patna Women’s College organized a vibrant Three-Day Fresher’s Day Programme from 26th July 2023 to 28th July 2023. On the third day of the programme, various departments including Political Science (UG+PG), Economics, English, Mathematics, BBA, Philosophy, Home Science(UG&PG), Fashion Designing and MBIO participated actively. The students from each department showcased their exceptional talents, making the event a remarkable success. TheCultural Committee members, including Ms. Manisha Prasad, Dr. Sister Celine Crasta A.C., Ms.Nimisha Manan, Ms. Enakshi Dey Biswas, Ms. Puja Kumari, Ms. Samiksha Sinha, Dr. ManjulaSushila, Dr. Jaya Philip, Sister Nelsa A.C., Mr. Adweetiya Sinha, Ms. Taniya Banerjee, Dr.Sumeet Ranjan, Dr. Vinita Priyedarshi, and Dr. Priyanka, were present in the respective assigneddepartments to oversee the proceedings. The newly enrolled students exhibited their talents
through song performances, dance routines, poetry recitations, thematic dance and skits. Duringthe event, the students expressed their gratitude to Dr. Sr. M. Rashmi A.C., the Principal of Patna Women’s College, and Dr. Sister M. Tanisha A.C., the Vice-Principal, for their unwavering
support and motivation throughout the programme.