Practical learning and skilled-based knowledge is key to success: Mohammad Shadab Sami

Patna Women’s College, March 16 th , 2023
The Department of Mass Communication, Patna Women’s College, organised a guest lecture on
‘ Communication Fashion: A way ahead’ on the 16 th of March, 2023.
The guest speaker for the day was Mohammad Shadab Sami, Assistant professor and centre
coordinator, Fashion communication NIFT, Patna. The program was inaugurated by Ms Roma,
head of the department, with a welcome speech.
Professor Sami, in his address, pointed out the frequent presence of fashion in daily life and told
students that he believes that hand–based and skill-based knowledge.
He told the students about various terms associated with fashion like pitching, communication
designing, storytelling etc.” the entire session was interactive where he used video, audio, and
PowerPoint presentation
He also talked about the organisational structure of the Cinema, Electronic, and Entertainment
industries. Talking about job roles in fashion communication Creative Directors, Episode
Directors, Show Directors, a Production Team of Supervisors, Executives, Assistants and others.
He also discussed Visual Merchandising and its different elements like set designing, space
designing, window designing, fashion communication corners, etc.
Towards the end, he presented some of his spectacular works in Fashion Photography with Laser
lights and cited the Fashion Photographer Nick Knight.
The lecture ended with a Vote of Thanks, which was presented by Aprajita Pathak, Assistant
Professor, Department of Mass Communication. The faculty members Amitabh Ranjan,
Prashant Ravi, and Gaurav Aranya were also present during the entire session.