Pre-Placement Session conducted by HUSK Power Systems at Patna Women’s College

The Pre-Placement Session conducted by HUSK Power Systems at Patna Women’s College was a
significant event organized by the Placement and Career Counselling Cell of the college on 19th
September, 2023. The session aimed to prepare the students for the upcoming placement season by
providing insights into the company, industry trends, and valuable guidance for career development.
Husk Power Systems is the leading rural energy services company in weak-grid and off-grid communities
in Africa and Asia. They provide reliable, quality, 100% renewable power to businesses, households and

The session commenced with a warm welcome by the Placement and Career Counselling Cell team,
acknowledging the presence of the esteemed facilitators and students. Students were encouraged to
actively participate and make the most of this informative event.
Rajesh Kumar, AVP HMG Business of Husk Power Systems provided an insightful overview of HUSK
Power Systems, its mission, and its significance in the renewable energy sector. He highlighted the
company’s commitment to rural electrification and sustainable development.
Ms. Shweta Singh DGM Corporate HR of HUSK shared valuable insights into the renewable energy
industry, emphasizing its rapid growth and the potential career opportunities it offers to the prospective

Following the presentations, students were given the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification
on various aspects of careers in renewable energy, skill development, and HUSK Power Systems’
recruitment process. This interactive session encouraged students to actively engage with the facilitators.
Post-session, students had the chance to network with the facilitators, explore potential internship
opportunities, and gain valuable insights into the company’s culture and work environment.
The Pre-Placement Session conducted by HUSK Power Systems at Patna Women’s College was a
resounding success, thanks to the collective efforts of the Placement and Career Counselling Cell, the
facilitators, and the enthusiastic participation of students. The event provided students with a deeper
understanding of the renewable energy sector, career prospects, and the values espoused by socially
responsible organizations like HUSK Power Systems.

The guidance and insights shared during this session will undoubtedly contribute to the students’
preparedness for future placements and empower them to make informed career decisions. Patna
Women’s College remains committed to organizing such informative sessions that enhance students’
employability and help them realize their career aspirations.

The Placement and Career Counselling Cell extends its gratitude to Mr. Alok John, Dean – National,
International collaborations and Consulatncy Services (NICCS), Dr. Sumeet Ranjan, Incharge of Central
Research Lab and Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology and Dr. Mridul Mishra, Head, Department
of Social Work for their invaluable contributions to the session’s success. The event was concluded by
delivering the vote of thanks by Somya Srivastava, Premier, Student Council,2023 – 24, Patna Women’s


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