Priorities seem to have gone upside down in Patna

from the desk of executive editor/Nishant karpatnae

In wake of Covid pandemic , Patna is under lock allowing only essential services. Further, we all know and see the news wherin Bihar government officials have been repeatedly asserting that social distancing and crowding are to be stopped at all costs everywhere. But if one goes for a check of ground realities it seems that avoidance and stoppage of crowding is at the bottom of the list of priorities for government machinery. For the purpose of a sample case study,
During a visit to a major area of capital Kurji Mor today on 17 th July for just seeing and assessing the lockdown impacts, the scenario we came across there, loudly convey the truth that law and order enforcement people posted there are totally careless about the hazards of crowding and the urgency of social distancing. At Kurji Mor traffic point, almost six to seven persons are deputed to ensure that people adhere to the rules, norms and laws.

Just opposite is the auto stand there. Autoricshaw and erickshaw drivers at that point were seen openly overloading passengers , two at the driver’s seat on left and right with 3 to 4 passengers in the rear seat. Around Kurji mor, many a pedestrians were without masks and face covers.
The administration seemed more involved in stopping some chosen four wheelers for vehicle paper check. No autowalas were being checked stopped or scolded for overload and face covers.
It is really amazing that despite Covid pandemic threats of high proportion in Patna, law and order agency seems to be totally oblivious of dangers. Their focus is on vehicle’s documents check . As a matter of fact, in present situation, they should focus on masks, face covers and maintaince of social distancing. All public transport should be strictly checked to ensure that there is no overload and no one without mask is allowed to board public transport vehicles. Everyone knows that Covid has reached into almost all localities of state capital . The dangers of its spread and infection are very real and threatening for all Patnaites.

Despite such grim situation, negligence and carelessness are visible everywhere. The priority of law and order machinery at this point of time should be prevention of Covid spread. To attain this objective, vehicles and people should be strictly checked on parameters of social distancing , masks face covers and handgloves. But it seems that the priorities are upside down despite the best intentions of senior officials and government.
Hopefully , the high officials are hearing the voice of Patnaites. Let’s hope and pray for the safety of Patnaites.


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