Probably ,1st time in remembered history, Holy month of Srawan will witness Shiv Mandirs without devotees.

from the desk of executive editor/Nishant karpatne

In the wake of rising Covid 19 threats in Bihar, Dharmik Nyas Board has issued directives to keep the Shiv Temples closed for devotees till 4 th August.
However the daily puja rituals will continue in Shiv temples by priest.
It is noteworthy fact that in Bihar, Sawan month is full of festivities. At many famous Shiv temples, fairs are organised. Kanwar Yatras are conducted and people queue up to offer Jal at Shiv Mandirs.
Muzaffarpur Garibnath Temple, Baikathpur Temple and many other famous Shiv temples of State witness huge crowd of devotees during the month of Sawan.
Since Covid threat has become very real and the no of positive cases are multiplying day by day in Bihar, any type of crowding will prove dangerous to the health and well being of masses in state. Bihar is known for profound knowledge but at the same time has gained notoriety for violation of rules and norms. During lock down period , people were seen very careless and unmindful of threat to their health. The rules of social distancing were openly flouted. Presently also in the phase of unlock 1 and unlock 2 , carelessness and Unmindfulness has reached new heights of danger.
To keep the Shiv temple doors, closed to the crowd is a welcome decision of Dharmik Nyas. This move will definitely help in containing the threat of Covid 19 spread.
People of Bihar must also rise to the occasion and ensure that Shiv Puja is performed at home only. Hindu religious Scriptures has enough examples and stories which convey messages that pure and noble intent of devotees are more important than rituals. Let’s celebrate the Holy month of Sawan in true Shiv spirit of purity love and compassion.


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