PWC first convocation sprinkle Happy moments

Convocation ceremonies for the students of Batch 2015-18 were organized at Patna Women’s College on Monday. If it was the first convocation, then it was quite special for the whole college. There was a different glow of pride on the faces of the students and teachers and the principal. Retired Justice Mridula Mishra gave degrees to the students of each department one by one with her own hands. Boosted their morale and wished them all the best. Held in the hall of Mount Carmel School, the ceremony was commemorated by Alumni Mridula of the college. Not only the students were also eager to listen to their words. College Principal Dr. Sister Maria Rashmi gave special thanks to the students, teachers and parents and welcomed the guests. On the occasion, the head of every department also appeared in a turban and stall.

principal womens college giving momento to Retired Justice Mridula Mishra .
on the stage Vice Chancellor Prof. Ras Bihari Prasad The proVice Chancellor of PU, Dr. Dolly Sinha, Colonel Manoz Mishra and Dean of various faculties were present.

When you thought out of yourself, you were truly educated – Mridula
After 1968, the Convocation disappeared from the Patna University Dictionary. When we were students, we had no chance to experience such thrills. Which you are doing today. It was a dream for us and will remain because we will not get this degree again. I thank the Vice Chancellor Dr. Ras Bihari Prasad for this, it has become possible because of you. With these words, Mridula Mishra made her motivational speech. After this, Mridula, a former college student, expressed her love for the college. Said that my personality is from the Development College. This Convocation is very important for the life of the students. This tub, this stall introduces you to your culture. You are very lucky to have got a chance to be educated. But a few years ago women had no status in the society. I was also married at the age of 15 but my family taught me. Being educated means that you repair your society. Contribute to the Society. When you thought out of yourself, you were truly educated. Motivating the girl students, she said that you are the nation’s hope. You cannot close your eyes and ears. Understand the problems of the country and society and contribute to the society. Vice Chancellor Prof. Ras Bihari Prasad wished the students and said that this Convocation, this turban is to make you realize your responsibility. Gives the message of Indian tradition of Gurukul. Adding to the mother tongue, the Vice Chancellor said that the contribution of Patna Women’s in the empowerment of girls is commendable. on the stage The Vice Chancellor of PU, Dr. Dolly Sinha, Colonel Manoz Mishra and Dean of various faculties were present.

Girls said – now I am not having graduation
College students were chirping. After all, the graduation ceremony that was seen in the car reel life was happening for him in real life. On this occasion, Bikom’s best friends Trupti, Shreya, Surbhi, Soumya and Tanvi set a kind of dress code to stand out from the crowd. Maroon and White. They told that we were preparing for this for 15 days. This is one of the most special moments of life.


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