representatives from Sophia girls’ College , visited ,Patna Women’s College,

As a part of STUDENT FACULTY EXCHANGE programme, six students and two teachers, Mr.
Nishant Pal and Ms. Mimansa Khangarot, the two teacher representatives from the
department of Political Science, Sophia girls’ College (Autonomous), visited the department
of Political Science,Patna Women’s College, Patna (Autonomous). The inaugural ceremony
was held on 4th February, 2023, and the felicitation was conducted on 8th of
February,2023. The respected Principal,Dr. Sister M. Rashmi A.C. addressed the students
while focussing on the rich heritage and legacy of the College. Mr. Alok John, Dean, National
and International Collaboration and Consultancy Services, thanked the patron of the
respective Colleges. The head of the department, Dr. Vinita Priyedarshi emphasized about
the department’s achievements. The teachers of Sophia Girls’ College engaged classes of
Indian Political Thought and International Law for the students of Patna Women’s College,
on the other hand, the teachers of Patna Women’s College taught Western Political
Philosophy and International Relations to the students of Sophia Girls’ College. The students
had extensive intellectual exchange which has strengthened the academic bonhomie
between the two institutions.


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