Rotaracter’s celebrated “GoGreen” for environmental balancing.

President Reva Bhargava Rotaract Club of Rosie’s Riverters started new Rotaract session with a big boom. Keeping in view continuous attacks of natural calamities due to environmental imbalancing. Rotaracter’s celebrated “GoGreen” for environmental balancing. Incouraging the young ones for organic terrace gardening. Rotaracters demonstrated organic plantation by planting many trees in small pots under the experienced guidance of experts at Tender Hearts International, Rajendra Nagar, Road No-6. Which was broad casted online amongs the students of School.
Rotaracter’s organised a contest among the students of Tender Hearts International. Students were told to plant at least 10 vegetables or fruits plants in small pots at their own terrace garden at home. Best 3 students were awarded.
Rotaracters who made this programme a great success were I.P.P. Anita Sinha, President Rtr. Reva Bhargava, Secretary Rtr. Ruchi Priya  and Rtr. Muskan, Khushboo, Amrita and Vandana. Chartered President of Rotary Club of Patna Aryans Rtn. Rajiv Bhargava, Rtn. Shivani, Santosh, Rtn. Ravi.Bhargava, Dr. R.B. Mishra were present to bless the show.
          Rtn. Ravi Bhargava President of the Club appreciated the programme. He said it is a very good job by training our youth about how to do plantation through organic method. This will create and interest among the young ones in terrace gardening and they will start loving plants which is a need of the day.


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