Special Interactive Session’. by Mr. Adam Levy, a research student in University of Sydney at PWC

On January 31, 2023, Department of English, Patna Women’s College. (Autonomous) organized a
‘Special Interactive Session’.
The Guest speaker, Mr. Adam Levy, a research student in University of Sydney, Australia delivered a
Lecture on the topic, “Wordhood and Methods of Language Description” focusing on a range of
Trans-Himalayan and Tibeto-Burman Languages.
Mr. Adam Levy, diccussed how a word can be defined in multiple ways. He discussed ‘P-wordhood’
in Limbu (Kiranti) language. Limbu language is spoken by the Limbu people of Nepal and
Northeastern India as well as expatriate communities in Bhutan.
He also discussed how suffixes are phonologically linked to a stem word whereas prefixes don’t link
so well. He also covered topics like vowel harmony, glottal hiatus. The lecture was followed by a
question and answer session where students showed their active participation by enthusiastically
asking questions which were answered by the speaker.
The engaging session provided the students with an enlightening platform where new ideas and
approaches related to linguistics were discussed.
The programme was organized under the guidance of Dr. Devina Krishna, Assistant Professor,
Department of English and the programme was moderated by Pragya Priyadarshini. The vote of
thanks was then proposed by Shrija Raj.


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