SSP Upendra Kumar Sharma’s team has arrested 5 dacoits who carried out the bank robbery

. Patna Police has arrested the gang of criminals who committed robbery in Punjab National Bank Anisabad, Patna in broad daylight . Very alarming is the news that criminals had looted 52 lakh rupees in cash from the bank’s chest at the point of fire arms . Criminals took two security guards, managers, staff and customers of bank as hostages. After robbing the cash from the bank, the culprits escaped comfortably on NH taking advantage of the traffic jam. On Friday, Patna Police disclosed the shocking details of entire incident. The team under SSP Upendra Kumar Sharma arrested 5 dacoits who carried out the bank robbery. The arrested criminals are Aman Kumar alias Satyam Shukla alias Amit, Harinarayan, Sone Lal, Ganesh Kumar Vishwakarma alias Nanhki and Prafulla Kumar. Out of 52 lakhs robbed from the bank by these criminals, 33 lakh 13 thousand 125 rupees has been recovered by the Patna Police team. Besides above seizure, 5 pistols used during the robbery have also been recovered. 16 bullet, gold chain, gold-studded Rudraksh garland, gold locket, 3 bikes used during robbery along with worn clothes and other similar items have also been recovered from their possession.

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