Tender Hearts International celebrates Funzai (2020)

Annual function of Tender Hearts International School Funzai (2020)
Celebrated at Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir with great pomp and show. The
theme of the programme of the year was “Jal Jivan Hariyali”. Programme was

inaugrated by the chief guests and foundress of the school Mrs. Prem Lata
Bhargava along with the important personalities Smt. Dr. Nazia Majeed (Mrs.
Bihar First runner up), President of power lifting association, Mr. Ashok Mehta,
Amit Kishan (Gold Medalist, Power lifting), Director of the school Mr. Rajiv
Bhargava and Principal of the school Shivani Bhargava, all together enlightened
the Lamp to start the show. Students of girls wing of the school St. Joseph Girls
Secondary School 7th and 9th classes started the programme with Saraswati
Vandana, which was followed by Aam ke Aam (play group), Radhe-Radhe,
(Mont-I), Dabang (Mont-II), Ghar More Pardesiya (Mont-III), Ganesh Vandana
(Std-II), Lahariyon (Std-I), Were the important numbers on which children
performed. Theme based dance on “Jal Jivan or Hariyali” and “Women’s
Empowerment” was the centre of attraction of the show. Boys and Girls looked
brave and powerful, when they performed on Martial Art, Trained by Black Belt
Rakesh Kumar.

Director of the school Mr. Rajiv Bhargava facilitated the eminent sports
personality like Balbir Yadav, Ashok Mehta and Amit Kishan. Principal of the
school Mrs. Shivani Bhargava Welcomed the parents, director Mr. Ravi
Bhargava gave Vote of thanks to the guests and parents.
Programme was anchored by Mrs. Chandni Bhargava Shah and Reva
Bhargava. Teachers who made this programme a grand success, were Mrs.
Anita, Priyanka, Sanju, Miss. Isha, Khushbu, Shofra, Rupam, Purnima, Amrita,

Muskan and others.
The children who made the event splendid and heartful were, Nishtha, Riya,
Aditya, Kaushal, Yash, Shrijita, Prince, Ashvi, Ashriya, Ambika and others.


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