The liquor smuggler had kept the cellar in the bedroom, the police was surprised to see the consignment

Mukesh Kumar Varma, SHO of Jakkanpur police station in Patna, told that two delivery boy (Delivery) along with Ranjit and his brothers Sanjeev and Indrajit have been named as accused in the case.
Tiles were placed in the room to hide the cellar

Police of Jakkanpur police station raided the house of liquor mafia Ranjit Rai in BK Dutt Lane. The policemen involved in the raid team were surprised when they found a big secret hidden inside the house. Actually, the liquor mafia had kept a cellar in his bed room with tiles and in the same cellar, he used to store liquor as well as get it delivered.

The smuggler was absconding before the arrival of the police

When the police removed the tiles in the room, seven cartons of liquor were kept in it. The price of alcohol is about one lakh rupees in the market. Tiles were placed in the room so that no one knows what is inside it, although Ranjit escaped from the house with the family before conducting a police raid.
Earlier also, the police had seized a liquor-laden car of Ranjit, but even that time he could not get caught by the police. Before the police raid, Ranjit came to know that Rajiv Kumar, a builder living in the neighborhood, has informed the police about hiding liquor in the basement of the house, so the liquor mafia beat the builder fiercely and caused a serious injury to him.

People expressed happiness over police action

Police sealed the house

According to the police, liquor came from the truck at the mafia’s house at night and then it was kept hidden. Police has sealed the mafia’s house. Jakanpur police station officer Mukesh Kumar Verma said that two delivery boys along with Ranjit and his brothers Sanjeev and Indrajit have been named as accused in the case. All the three brothers do alcohol business. Police are continuously raiding to arrest all the accused.


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