The slogan of freedom fighters in 1942 against Britishers still holds relevance and highlights Swadeshi

. From the desk of executive editor/Nishant karpatne

Since the World Economic order and structure has changed over years, keeping in tune ,imperialism also has changed it’s face, meaning and instruments. Earlier it was political imperialism and it denoted occupancy of another state. Now we are seeing a different version of imperialism. But we all know well that imperialism had originated in trades , for example British emperialism began with trades and later on only , idea of political hegemony and control of the land came into Britishers mind . Now in today’s context, if we draw parallel , in modern times Chinese trade practices are developed and designed by them to flood markets of third world countries with their cheap products and establish their economic hegemony. In our country also, Chinese seems to be following the policy of hegemonious trade practices. Their companies have flooded our markets with cheap low priced products although on parameters of durability, the quality of these Chinese products is questionable.
Just to raise the boycott and protests against Chinese products to the level of a virtual war, a well social political activist Dhanwant Singh Rathour , President of Akhil Bhartiya Apradh Virodhi Morcha with his followers took a pledge at Patna Kargil Chowk and raised the slogan of Do Or Die ,the Mantra of 1942 quit India movement against Chinese products. His organization pledged to ensure boycott of Chinese products and economic policies in the manner our freedom fighters did with slogans of Do Or Die.
This message is great in itself but this slogan must become thought and attitude of people here and it must come on ground. If it remains just a political slogan , it won’t truly help in Swadeshi campaign. The whole nation knows that Bihar is a land of knowledge, liberation and it’s people are known for their spirit of struggle. In Bihar, Patnaites through out different time phases of ups, downs and struggles kept up their morale high and believed in Self dependence through Swadeshi. Hopefully, Patnaites will again show other fellow brothers and sisters of India to go all out against Chinese products with the spirit of Do Or Die.


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