The soil of Bihar has given me the
strength to fight,” said Panchayat fame actor Chandan Roy

“If I was not from Bihar, I would not be able to become what I am today. The soil of Bihar has given me the
strength to fight,” said Panchayat fame actor Chandan Roy in a guest lecture organized by Department of Mass
Communication, Patna Women’s College on the topic “The Journey from theatre to OTT platforms” on Monday.
The lecture began with the Head of Department welcoming Chandan Roy. “It is a great moment for us to welcome
a person who is just like one of us and has achieved everything by the means of his hard work and passion”, said
Ms Roma, Head of Department, Mass Communication.
Chandan Roy, who gained fame as Vikas Shukla from Panchayat web series, shared his journey of how he reached
Mumbai from a small village Mahnar in Vaishali district of Bihar. In the interactive session with students, he
shared different anecdotes from his life as a student, as a struggler and an actor. “Films have had a huge role in
developing my personality”, he said. Adding to it he said, “Theatre is something which makes me lively. Coming
from a district where we didn’t have electricity till 2015 and reaching to Mumbai is a very great achievement for a
Bihari”. He encouraged the students by saying that “You don’t need internet to reach somewhere. I used to cut
articles of mass communication from newspapers just in a hope that someday I will need them and it is those
articles which have landed me in Mumbai and helped me developing my acting career starting from Patna College
to theatre to OTT Platforms”. “After entering acting I was prepared that I am going to struggle my entire life but I
had the confidence that I will devote my entire life to it. I have always been into real acting which is what makes
me different. I wanted only my information to reach Bihar but I never wanted to give up and return back to Bihar,”
he added.
He answered every student’s query with great enthusiasm. When the students asked him about his upcoming
projects he informed that the shoot of Panchayat season three might begin soon next year. Gulmohar, Lakhot,
Chuna, Misfits are some of the projects in his sleeves where Vikas Shukla get a new identity.
The students seemed to be full of desire for achieving something like him in their career. Thefaculty members
Prashant Ravi, Divya Gautam, Aprajita Pathak and Gaurav Aranya and Enakshi Dey Viswas were also present at
the event. The lecture ended by the vote of thanks by Ankita, Assistant Professor, Department of Mass


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