Tiger Face Painting Competition on the eve of International Tiger Day

On the day before International Tiger Day (29.07.2023), the Department of Zoology and ECO
Task Force, Patna Women’s College, Autonomous, Patna University, Patna organized a Tiger
Face Painting Competition on 28.07.2023.
45 groups of students with three participants each from different departments of the college
participated in this competition.
A notable aspect of the event was the involvement of 45 students of Class-9 of Rajkiyakrit
Naveen Uchch Vidyalaya, Jaganpura, Patna, who volunteered themselves to be painted as Tiger,
through the PRAYAS scheme. The school students demonstrated great patience and cooperation
throughout the competition. Altogether there were 180 participants.
This event was a meaningful endeavor to raise awareness about the significance of conserving
tiger populations and their habitats.
The competition showcased an impressive array of talent as artists displayed their creativity,
skill, and passion on each canvas, skillfully capturing the grace, power, and beauty of tigers. It
was evident that the participants had devoted time and effort to research about tigers, resulting in
paintings that demonstrated meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.


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