Today, no work is being done in India according to the Constitution – Pappu yadav

Patna. National President of the Jan Adhikar Party and former MP Pappu Yadav held a press conference at his residence in Northern Mandiri on Friday. During the conversation with the media, he targeted the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying that since 2014, the use of central agencies such as ED, NCB, CBI, Income Tax, and NIA has ended almost all hope of democracy. Today, no work is being done in India according to the Constitution.
Pappu Yadav said that the entire opposition in the country is being scared about the 2024 elections. My question is that if someone is a thief or a dacoit, whether right or wrong, the court will judge it. He targeted the central government, saying that whenever elections come, they start Hindu-Muslim discussions. They start with Sheela Pattan from Pakistan. Apart from this, central agencies can be misused. They use agencies as an organization. If anyone works apart from the Constitution, they should be reviewed judicially.


Former MP Pappu Yadav said that if the Supreme Court is still silent, then I believe that India’s democracy is in danger. Meanwhile, criticizing Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he said that since Yogi Ji came, there have been so many encounters, they should be investigated. Is it right or wrong that there are no criminals of which caste in the encounter?

Pappu Yadav said that in the border areas, politics is based on Hindu-Muslim, in Kosi it’s based on Backward and Forward, Yadav and Non-Yadav, and in Mithila it’s based on Brahmin and Non-Brahmin. He said that the politics of certain border areas is continuously being turned into a political arena. The central home minister Amit Shah is once again going to tour the border areas. He said that Kosi-border area is continuously used for political purposes during the elections. If we talk about development, why does the central government forget Kosi-border area? Even the basic facilities were not provided to the people of Kosi-border area.

Pappu Yadav said that now our resolve is that the Kosi-border area will not become a political battleground. The Kosi-border area is like my mother, we will not compromise on it. He said that there have been many big incidents in Kosi-border area in the last four years, but no leader went to see the people there.


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