women on ramp to mark “Tales of Lugga”

On completion of 30 years of Bandhani, the Tales of Lugga ceremony was organized on Sunday. Its main objective is to preserve the art of our country, which people are forgetting. This year its theme is Craft Tie and Dye. Textile designer Sunita Prakash said that for this, old women’s sarees are taken from different areas of Bihar, on which folk artists work here. more than a year in
It takes time because everything is done by hand. Women walked wearing these sarees. Tales of Lugga is being organized for the last two years. In this, people got to see the work of about 30 folk artists of Bihar. The judges were Padma Shri Usha Kiran Khan, RJ Anjali, Professor of History Maya Shankar, Former Principal of Magadh Mahila College Asha Singh and Senior Artist Archana.Mrs. Sunita Prakash said that around 51 empowerd women walked on the ramp in Bandhni Lugga.

The plain Lugga were given entirely new look by doing Tie-Dye. Folk song and dance kept the audience engaged.Quiz was also conducted on craft of India. Food was also enjoyed by the audience It was a creative attempt organized by Bandhni




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