“Avasar Trust” offers a special opportunity to attend IIT for poor talented children

Dreams of poor talented children to attend IIT are coming true Former Rajya Sabha MP R.K. Sinha has taken up the cause to help poor children

Patna (June 11)

There is no lack of talent among students from Bihar and Jharkhand. Students who have the desire to achieve something in life work hard, but due to poverty and lack of proper facilities, thousands of talented students’ dreams do not take flight. BJP senior leader and former Rajya Sabha MP R.K. Sinha has taken up the cause to help poor talented students. R.K. Sinha has provided a special opportunity for these students.

In Patna, the “Avasar Trust” offers a special opportunity to registered students. This provides a chance for those students who want to study further but cannot afford to participate in exams like IIT and NIT due to poverty. Now, Avasar has become a forum where a large number of poor students come to hone their talents and achieve success in competitive exams after high-quality training. “Avasar” is a charitable trust that provides a good platform for talented students.

Former Rajya Sabha MP R.K. Sinha adressing media

It is noteworthy that the ‘Avasar Trust’, which started in 2018, selects poor talented children every year. The institution provides accommodation, food, study materials, and excellent coaching for the selected students for two years. Due to the hard work and dedication of the teachers and students at Avasar, new milestones are achieved every year. The students of Avasar Trust in this context have again demonstrated their potential in the JEE Advanced exam. The number is bigger this time. Out of 13 students, 8 of them did extremely well. Khusrupur, Patna’s Aditya Ranjan got an All India Rank of 128 and Darbhanga’s Shubham Krishna got an All India Rank of 254 among other successful students. Additionally, Shivam Kumar secured a rank of 3773, Shivansh Kumar Sinha 3902, Kunal Sharma 4001, Vishakha Kumari 4772, Aryan Kumar 5045, and Abhay Kumar 8817. Those who secured ranks within 5000 are assured of admission to IIT.

Former Rajya Sabha MP R.K. Sinha expressed his admiration for the hard work of the teachers and the enthusiasm of the students. He said that students educated at Avasar are proving to be better than other students in every field, especially in IIT and NIT entrance exams.

The former MP informed that last year also, students from Avasar performed excellently. Economically poor students succeeded in the IIT entrance exam last year as well. Abhishek Sinha from Mokama secured an All India Rank of 245 last year and is currently studying at IIT Roorkee. Similarly, Pintoo Barnwal, the son of a candle seller from Giridih, reached IIT BHU, and Divya Kumari, the daughter of a poster and banner worker from Patna, reached IIT Dhanbad after studying at Avasar Educational Institute.

It should be noted that the university is conducting entrance test every year for admission to the institution where students can secure their place on merit. Tenth-grade students who score 90% and above in the Bihar School Examination Board are also honored by the ‘Avasar Trust’.

The Avasar Trust has informed that counseling for the next session has started from June 10, based on which students who succeed in the JEE entrance exam will be able to secure admission to the country’s prestigious engineering colleges. All successful students will be able to secure their desired seats in the prestigious engineering colleges IIT, IIIT, and NIT in the country.

The press conference was attended by “Avasar Classes” Director Rajnikant Srivastava, renowned as a Mathematics Guru, under whose guidance the students are being prepared.”

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