Christian community presented a carol and Greeted Chief Minister to mark christmas celebration in patna

“On the occasion of Christmas, members of the Christian community extended their greetings to Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar in ‘Sankalp,’ located at 1 Anne Marg, Patna. Among those present were Archbishop Shri Rev. Sebastian Kalupura, Shrimati Pooja Anna Sharma, Shri Abhishek Patrick, President of the Christian Welfare Association Shri Ambrose Patrick, Shri Richard Ranjan, Shri Raju Chesne, Shri Gautam Kumar Sudhanshu, Shri Jayden Gautam, Shri Babu David, and Shri Jay Prakash, along with other members of the Christian community while christmas celebration in patna. They conveyed their warm wishes for Christmas and prayed for the state’s prosperity, peace, and well-being through Jesus Christ.

During the meeting, members of the Christian community appreciated the Chief Minister for the effective implementation of complete prohibition on alcohol in the state. They remarked that this initiative has brought about significant changes in the social environment and is particularly benefiting women. The visiting members expressed their praise for the positive impact of the alcohol ban on society.

Furthermore, the members of the Christian community presented a carol and conveyed their greetings to the Chief Minister for Christmas and the upcoming New Year. In return, the Chief Minister offered flowers and garments to the visitors as a token of goodwill marked on christmas celebration in patna.

The gathering provided an opportunity for a meaningful exchange between the Chief Minister and the Christian community representatives. The Chief Minister acknowledged the Christmas wishes and expressed his gratitude for the positive feedback on the prohibition policy. He emphasized the importance of collective efforts in maintaining a harmonious and progressive society.

The Chief Minister also shared his vision for the state’s development and reiterated his commitment to creating a conducive environment for the welfare of all communities. He highlighted the government’s initiatives aimed at ensuring social justice, economic growth, and overall well-being.

christmas celebration in patna at ‘Sankalp’ not only fostered religious harmony but also showcased the unity among diverse communities in the state. The event underscored the significance of festivals in bringing people together and fostering a spirit of brotherhood.

In conclusion, the christmas celebration in patna at ‘Sankalp’ became a platform for cultural exchange, mutual respect, and shared aspirations. The Chief Minister’s interaction with the Christian community reflected the inclusive approach of the government towards all sections of society. As the state embraces the festive season, the message of unity and goodwill resonates, setting a positive tone for the coming year
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