Hindi Language Gaining Global Momentum, Celebrations Mark World Hindi Day in Patna

Patna, January 10 – Hindi, the language expanding most rapidly worldwide, took center stage at a literature conference during World Hindi Day celebrations in Patna. The event honored twenty Hindi enthusiasts with the prestigious ‘Hindi-Ratna’ award, accompanied by a poetry symposium.

In the contemporary global landscape, Hindi stands out as the fastest-growing language. Modern Hindi, being the world’s newest language, has swiftly become the second most spoken language globally, with over 200 universities across 150 countries offering courses in Hindi. More people can read, speak, and write in Hindi than in Arabic. Had it been designated as the ‘national language’ of India, similar to China’s ‘Mandarin,’ it could have easily claimed the title of the world’s most spoken language today.

Speaking at the Bihar Hindi Literature Conference held on World Hindi Day, Dr. Anil Sulabh, the conference chairman, emphasized that Hindi is a pure and scientific language. Its global expansion is attributed to its scientific nature, sweetness, and market demand. However, the pain and shame lie in the fact that despite being granted the status by the Indian Constitution on September 14, 1949, Hindi has not yet achieved the position it deserves.

Addressing the gathering, Justice Sanjay Kumar, former judge of the Patna High Court and Chairman of the Consumer Protection Commission, Bihar, highlighted India’s diversity, where various languages are spoken. Despite linguistic diversity, he emphasized the cultural unity that binds everyone together. It is a matter of sorrow that even after 75 years of independence, Hindi has not been declared the national language, he added.

The World Hindi Day celebration saw the felicitation of 20 Hindi enthusiasts with the ‘Hindi-Ratna’ award. Eminent personalities like Babulal Madhukar, Dr. Kaleshwari Prasad Yadav, Dr. Vidya Choudhary, Dr. Ramakrishna Sanjayayan, Kamlesh Punyark, Vikas Kumar Jha, Dr. Shri Ram Dubey, Kamala Prasad, Dr. Pankajvasini, Siddheshwar, Kamal Kishor Varma ‘Kamal’, Jyoti Mishra, Preeti Suman, Kumud Kumar Mishra, Dr. Sarita Sinha, Umesh Kumar Pathak ‘Ravi’, Dr. Abha Rani, Shakti Priya, Arvind Akela, and Dr. Varsha Rani were among those honored.

The poetry symposium, inaugurated with a musical tribute by Chanda Mishra, featured recitations by distinguished poets like Bachha Thakur, Aradhana Prasad, Dr. Pushpa Jamuar, Indu Upadhyay, Anita Siddhi, Shama Kauser ‘Shama’, Dr. Geeta Sahay, Dr. Meena Kumari Parihar, Madhurani Lal, Dr. Shalini Pandey, Dr. Archana Tripathi, Shubhchandra Sinha, E Ashok Kumar, Dr. Manoj Govardhanpuri, Jai Prakash Pujari, Shankar Sharan Madhukar, Jyoti Kumari, Rimpie Aishwarya, Rajpriya Rani, Ram Krishna, and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh.

The event was gracefully conducted by poet Brahmanand Pandey, with Krishna Ranjan Singh expressing gratitude. In summary, the World Hindi Day celebration in Patna showcased the growing prominence of Hindi on the global stage, while also addressing the need for it to be recognized as the national language of India, fostering unity and cultural cohesion.

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