Nitish Kumar, claiming the unity of JDU, left for Delhi from Patna

Patna, December 28 – A significant meeting of the Janata Dal United (JDU) is scheduled to take place in Delhi on December 29. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, along with the party’s national executives and leaders of the National Council, has gathered in Delhi for this meeting. The agenda of this meeting is not yet clear, but there is speculation that a proposal to remove the National President Lalan Singh may be put forth. However, Lalan Singh has denied any such developments.

Nitish Kumar, claiming the unity of JDU, left for Delhi from Patna Airport. However, upon his departure, internal power struggles among JDU leaders at the state level have come to light. This internal discord is not trivial; it involves a dispute over parliamentary seats, which has not been publicly discussed.

JDU has 16 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar. In order to improve JDU’s performance in the Lok Sabha elections, demands are being made to interchange seats between the two factions. Supporters of Nitish Kumar want him to be given the opportunity to contest on all Lok Sabha seats in Bihar. For this, they are seeking a change in the seats of Lalan Singh’s supporters. On the other hand, Lalan Singh’s supporters want the current seat distribution to be maintained.

Amidst this internal discord, JDU’s national executives and members of the National Council are holding a meeting in Delhi. A decision regarding the future of JDU is expected to be made during this meeting.

The ongoing internal discord within JDU could pose a threat to the party. If this discord is not resolved, it could prove detrimental to the party.

For JDU to perform well in the Lok Sabha elections, both factions need to come together. If the two factions do not unite, it could be the cause of JDU’s defeat.

The Delhi meeting of JDU poses a challenge for Nitish Kumar to unite both factions. If Nitish Kumar fails to overcome this challenge, it could be disastrous for JDU.

Nitish Kumar will need to negotiate with leaders from both factions to reach a compromise. If Nitish Kumar successfully unites both factions, it would be good news for JDU
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