Patna Women’s College hosted Photography Exhibition, “Imagication 2024″

Unveiling a world through the lens of imagination and students’ vision, Mass
Communication Department of Patna Women’s College proudly hosted the yearly
Photography Exhibition, “Imagication 2024” on Tuesday in the department. The exhibition
showcased the photographic creations by the undergraduate students of Semester-VI under
the guidance of Prashant Ravi, faculty member, Department of Mass Communication.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the esteemed Principal of the college, Dr. Sister M Rashmi
A.C. who appreciated and congratulated the students for their meticulous efforts. On this
occasion, Assistant Coordinator, IQAC, Alok John appreciated the students for their skills
and interacted with them. The exhibition brought together a diverse range of photographic
expressions captivating the viewers with their unique perspective and artistic fair.

students portrayed the pulse of various Indian cities, poignant portraits, human emotions,
objects through their photographs. The exhibition was also graced by the presence of vice-
principal, Patna Women’s College, Dr. Sister M. Tanisha A.C. Observing minutely the details
of the photograph she applauded the works of students.
“The depth and breadth of the students’ vision captured through their lenses, is truly
inspiring. We are committed to nurturing such artistic expression and providing our students
with platforms to showcase their unique vision”, remarked Roma, Head, Department of Mass

Beyond showcasing individual talent, the photography exhibition served as a platform for
fostering lively discussions among students, faculty members and visitors, igniting critical
thinking and appreciation for the power of visual storytelling. The faculty members and
students of different departments of the college visited the exhibition. On the occasion faculty
members of the department, Ajay Kumar Jha, Ankita, Divya Gautam, Aprajita Pathak and
Gaurav Aranya were also present.

Through initiatives like “Imagication 2024”, Department of Mass Communication remains
dedicated to empowering its students and fostering a vibrant environment for artistic
exploration. The exhibition’s success is a testament to the College’s commitment to nurturing
not only academic excellence but also creative expression, shaping well rounded individuals
for the society.
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