Patna Women’s College, welcomed delegation from Handong Global University, South Korea

Patna Women’s College embarked on an International Exchange Programme with Handong
Global University, South Korea on 5th January, 2024
Mr. Alok John, Dean – National, International Collaborations and Consultancy Services at
Patna Women’s College, warmly welcomed a distinguished delegation from Handong Global
University, South Korea.

The purpose of this collaborative initiative is to foster cultural and educational ties between
Patna Women’s College and Handong Global University. The visit commenced with an
exchange of ideas and discussions aimed at enhancing academic cooperation, research
collaborations, and mutual understanding between the two prestigious institutions.

Highlighting the significance of this partnership, Mr. Alok John expressed his enthusiasm,
stating, “This international exchange programme marks a significant milestone for Patna
Women’s College. It opens doors to cultural immersion and academic enrichment, providing
our students and faculty with an invaluable opportunity to engage with the vibrant Korean
culture and academic community at Handong Global University.”

During the visit, the student delegation from Handong Global University showcased
captivating cultural performances that beautifully depicted Korean culture and social settings.
The mesmerizing presentations captivated the audience and offered a glimpse into the rich
heritage and traditions of South Korea.

The collaboration between Patna Women’s College and Handong Global University promises
a platform for cultural exchange, academic advancements, and the nurturing of global
perspectives among students and faculty.

Both institutions are excited about the possibilities that this partnership holds and look
forward to a fruitful collaboration that will benefit the academic community and strengthen
cultural ties between India and South Korea.
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