DIAL-112: Brought 2 Million ‘Smiles’ Across Bihar in Two Years

Bihar’s DIAL-112 emergency response service has reached a significant milestone, providing services to over 2 million people in the past two years. Launched on July 6, 2022, by the Honorable Chief Minister of Bihar, this service aims to deliver assistance to victims within 20 minutes.

Phase One: Urban Coverage

In its first phase, DIAL-112 focused on urban areas, including all district headquarters and the entirety of Patna district. For this purpose, 400 four-wheeler vehicles were deployed. The objective was to ensure rapid response and assistance to individuals in distress, significantly enhancing public safety and trust in emergency services.

Phase Two: Statewide Expansion

The second phase, inaugurated on February 29, 2024, marked the expansion of DIAL-112 services to rural areas, covering the entire state. An additional fleet of 883 four-wheelers and 550 two-wheelers was introduced, bringing the total number of vehicles to 1,833. The inclusion of two-wheelers allows emergency services to navigate narrow urban alleys, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

This phase also saw the integration of 1,586 ambulance services and 805 fire service vehicles into the DIAL-112 system. These vehicles operate 24/7, providing a unified response for police, ambulance, fire services, and crime control through a single helpline number.

Impact and Achievements

Over the past two years, DIAL-112 has assisted over 2 million people, averaging around 5,000 calls daily. The service aims to reach 1.5 million people this year and 1.8-2 million next year. The commitment to delivering emergency services within 20 minutes has significantly enhanced citizen-centric policing.

Emergency Response Statistics

In the past two years, DIAL-112 has efficiently handled various emergency situations:

  • Local disputes, altercations, and violent incidents: 1,059,782 cases
  • Domestic violence, crimes against women, and child-related issues: 180,817 cases
  • Traffic incidents and accidents: 81,268 cases
  • Fire incidents: 71,994 cases
  • Prohibition-related issues: 71,501 cases

The swift action of DIAL-112 has led to notable reductions in crime rates. In 2023, compared to the previous year, there was a 15.39% decrease in robbery, a 5.93% decrease in theft, and a 15.82% decrease in rioting.

Unified Police Helpline

DIAL-112 is being developed into a single police helpline and emergency number for all citizens of Bihar. This initiative aims to streamline services, allowing citizens to access a wide range of assistance through one number. The transition to this unified system is expected to be completed within the next month.

Caller Feedback Mechanism

To further enhance the quality of services, a robust feedback infrastructure is being set up at the DIAL-112 Command and Control Center. This will allow citizens to provide feedback on the services received, enabling continuous improvement and ensuring all complaints are thoroughly addressed.

DIAL-112 stands as a testament to Bihar’s commitment to providing prompt and efficient emergency services to its citizens. As the service continues to evolve, it aims to set new benchmarks in citizen-centric policing and emergency response.

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